Tuesday, April 12, 2005

more tweaks to go

yep. this blog need more tweaks. will be adding some KALs which i'll be joining.

Knitty is up with spring-y new patterns. i'm quite into I Do, however i need to be quite practical in my pattern selections so that i won't end up with pieces which i don't wear and end up in the closet. thus wasting my time and efforts.

let me roll back to last week when i was at the Spotlight 15% sale. the queue was a killer. people with a few baskets full of items were queue-ing in front of me. *sweats*

and guess who i saw at the sale? Emilyn, the local meetup organiser. i was actually expecting to spot more fellow knitters. the next meetup would be this coming saturday 16th april. *makes a mental note*

crossing my fingers that the 4 copies of SnBN will reach me by friday so i can pass it to the knitters in satuday.

will be back with more photos.

2 Loops:

opportunityknits said...

Hi Lois, I'll be seeing you today at the meet-up. Glad you've started blogging - it's quite fun.

Lois said...

erin, cya later!

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