Monday, April 18, 2005

Where's those Discounted Yarns??!?

I had a good time knitting away during the monthly knit-meet. The photos are taken by Emy. I'm the one in turqouise blue tee shirt.

well, i remembered Cara mentioning my nearest LYS has discounted yarns. unfortunately, it was not in sight when i was there an hour ago. i was hoping to find cotton yarn for my FBS and Lucky Clover shawl. The LYS owner was not around and the store assistant was not able to help. duh.... :(

2 Loops:

mp said...

I'd like to meet you and other Singapore knitters. I'll be there next week for 2 weeks visiting my son.
Marian from Israel

Lois said...

hi mp,
i'm still not sure about our next meetup date.
do keep a close watch on this blog for updates.

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