Saturday, July 23, 2005

A more proper update

This post is about 1 week late. pardon me please! =P

Audrey is on Sleevie Island while Lucky had been winded into 2 lovely balls by Cara. Orangina would be blocked before making her way to KL next week.

Met Sally to pass her some stuff from our cyber-SEX today. then we took the MRT to another LYS and I had the chance to meet Jasmine (friend of Sally's). I had the best surprise at the LYS, though this is the first time which I look thoroughly through the stacks of patternbooks. after dreaming many days and nights of this pattern, i finally found it in this LYS. and i thought it was out of print. I will call this the Mysterious Sweater. the next thing is to look for the correct yarn for Mysterious. can't wait to knit it up.

I will end this post with a suitcase full of Knitpicks and Rowan stash.

3 Loops:

opportunityknits said...

You frogged Lucky? Are you going to re-knit her? That suitcase is a good place to keep all that lovely yarn.

Heather said...

that is one nice yarn stash. very sweet!

yuvee said...

I keep my stash in my suitcase too! But mine is so messy, unlike yours ;) It's kinda overloaded though, so I'm thinking of moving my stash to a (really nice) laundry bin.

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