Wednesday, July 27, 2005

too sick for laces

had a cold yesterday and by 7pm last night, it had turn into gastric flu. vomited like a dozen times before taking a jab on my left butt. the doctor was gentle enough with the needle as i only felt a little more than an ant bite.

I managed to seam up Audrey and only left with the lace border. I can't continue knitting lace without feeling dizzy. so the best way to keep myself occupied while not under the drowsy effect of medicine, i started on Tivoli. The yoke should be done today.

Taking things easy today.

3 Loops:

opportunityknits said...

Lois, get well soon, and mc is for resting :)

yuvee said...

Get a good rest!! Hope you'll get well soon ;)

Ruth said...

sorry you are sick - get well soon!

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