Sunday, June 11, 2006


I tend to multi-task a lot. A good example will be knitting, chatting over MSN with other knitters and also my latest addictions on podcast, especially those with knitting content. If you have any podcast that you subscribe to, do intro them to me. I'm thirsty for more podcast. <3

I had been organising quite a number of sprees recently. and here's one of the loot. The stuffs were packed in the smallest box, once I unpack, they started to overflow.

So, what had my needles been busy with? During the past week, I cast on for Something Red in a brown yarn. I wasn't able to continue since I left it behind in office. The weekend was spent alternating between Lady E and FFL. Lady E is still quite enjoyable so she has really grow quite a bit, half grown to be exact. FFL is getting tedious even on 3rd repeat. But I MUST persevere! 7 more rows to complete 3rd repeat.

Saturday was the WorldWide Knit in Public Day. Since our group did not register for this event, I was out for some yarn store crawling. I got yarns for 3 projects. I did a reservation for 10 balls of organic cotton which should be due soon.

And after which I met up with Kessa at the nearby fastfood outlet for a "lonely" KIP. Poor gal was sneezing throughout cuz her nose was kind of sensitive with the Rowanspun 4 ply which she had with her. Moreover, it was a rainy day. I guess she needs a mask if she were to continue else she better knit with some other fibres.

Off for somemore podcast.

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Rachel said...

I've never listened to a pod cast. (well that's not true I did listen to one for a few minutes)
What are the ones you listen to that have knitting content? I don't even know how to look for them...

Kessa said...

The KP yarns arrive pretty fast, I must say. Oh, and guess what? I didn't sneeze whe I knit with that yarn again. I think I was just kinda weak that day. >_<

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