Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Lady Eleanor : A Knotty Finish

I haven't got the time to model it before the sun set. so here's a picture of it on my favorite chair. The chair is really old, at least as old as yours truely. So pleae forget about the rust and old paint.
Pattern: Lady Eleanor from ScarfSTYLE
Yarn: 10 balls of Noro Silk Garden in #88
Needle: 4.5mm circulars
Size: NA
Time to finish: since May 7th till June 24th

It has been months since I last posted an official FO report. Blame the procastinator in me, I have a few others on hand which have yet to be photographed. Anyway, Lady E has been sailing smoothly with me. It was a good chance to pick up entre-lac, something that had me curiously sought after. Yarn-wise, I had a good time picking at the tweeds and what's-not from the single ply, machine spun of 45% Silk, 45% Kid Mohair and 10% Lamb's Wool.

I thought I would be knitting this for a longer time, but when i reached the 6th ball, things started up pick up. The real adrenlina rush was when I start to cut the trimmings. I was so close yet so far. Thank goodness, the weather had been dry and hot and she was able to dry in one day after her bath. And then she stands taller than me.

And then came the time to do the knotted fringes. It took like 3-4 hours just to plan and get the knots done. And then it was the last knot, took a deep breathe and it was over.

Not really over, it's just the start of a new relationship with the Lady Eleanor.

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amanda said...

Just beautiful! Congrats! I've been wanting to knit Lady E for myself but the thought of all those knots on the finishing makes me nervous.

Karen said...

Beautiful Lady Eleanor. Congrats on your FO.

Ruth said...

Lady E looks beautiful!! Yea, I agree, things start picking up when you are near the end (except for the non-knitting finishing part for me haha). =)

yuvee said...

Gorgeous!! I never notice that Lady E has such pretty edging ;)

opportunityknits said...

It's lovely!

Belinda said...

She's gorgeous Lois, absolutely well worth the effort!!

Amanda said...

Ooh, I can't wait for the full body shot! Congrats on such a great accomplishment.

Sally said...

Yes Lois, a full size shot please! Can't wait to see the whole colourway. Congrats!

prettyknit said...

hi, your lady eleanor are beautiful, especially like the color. how many skein of yarns do you use?? I'm planing to knit it as well.

mamimoo said...

Hi Lois! Woweee.. That's a really lovely pattern =))

Btw, I've visited your site many times before this. LOL.. I got the link from the Flowerpod forum as I revived the knitting thread.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! (I replied to your comment)

Peggy said...

Wow, it's beautiful... I'm tempted to make one too now!

Regina said...

好漂亮的Lady Eleanor!比書上原來的顏色有氣質十幾倍!我也很想打,但是現在沒有力氣,懷孕很容易累,只能打baby小鞋...:(




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