Saturday, February 25, 2006

Ruffle Love

How everyone loves the Ruffles from ScarfSTYLE...truely easy, too easy that it sent me to dreamland during the round trip flights to Taiwan. and yes, i did had 2 SEX during my trip, update done on another post soon. ;)

Pattern: Ruffles from ScarfSTYLE
Yarn: 3 balls of Cleckheaton Country 8 ply in #1858
Needle: 4mm Addi Turbo circulars
Size: NA
Time to finish: a week

This is what I have been knitting for the week, the week before I'm back to work. DUH!! I may have the spending power but money can't buy me time to knit.

Off to knit another scarf for the Significant One. This is going to be my first knit item for him. March is going to be one loooooooong month~~

4 Loops:

Ruth said...

SO??? =)
i love your wrapped cardigan, and especially your ruffles... it looks so luxuriously soft!!

Kessa said...

Yes, these 2 FOs looks really really good. =D

Lolly said...

Your scarf cmae out very beautiful! I love the soft pink ;)

Lois said...

Ruth: yes, the SO. =)

Kessa: thanks! i think u have some lovely ones coming up too.

Lolly: thanks for dropping by.

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