Monday, February 06, 2006

my First pair of Socks

It seems quite a while from my last post. I have been in a knitting frenzy, finished the scallop top on the eve of Lunar New Year and Apricot Jacket 5 days later. I really need strong natural light for good pics since I'm slow with photoshopping the pictures.

just an hour ago, i cast off my first pair socks. Pattern: Elfin socks by Anna Bell
Yarn: <100g of sportwieght Japanese wool/acrylic blend
Needle: 2.25mm Aero circulars
Size: n/a
Time to finish: 2 weeks with about 2 months of hiatus in between

Its the Second Sock Syndrome on the loose. I tried to avoid by casting on the second sock right after casting off the first. Anyways, they are done and fit nicely on my feet. Thanks to Anna for such a fabulous sock pattern.

These pair pf socks taught me magic loop and short rowing. so my next pair will be 2 socks on 2 circulars. Hopefully this can prevert SSS from happening.

On the needles are Somewhat Cowl, and pat me on my back for touching the sleevie islands of the VK Lacy Cardigan.

9 Loops:

Kessa said...

*pats your back*

Your Elfine Sock looks great! =D

Jessica said...

Great socks! I love the pattern. Awesome header, btw. The photos and shadows are very nice.

Lois said...

thanks kessa!

jessica, thanks for your comments on my header. gonna change it soon.

erin said...

Yippee on your first socks - very nice colour and pattern.

Mimi said...

Great socks and they are your first pair!

Ruth said...

wow, your socks are so pretty! alot better looking than my first sock (and i didn't even get around to doing the second one either) LOL

Siow Chin said...

Lovely socks! And I'm looking forward to seeing your Somewhat Cowl. Am pondering whether to knit one.

Lois said...

Siow Chin, somewhat cowl is a nice pattern, knits up real fast.

Koko said...

I love it!! Wonderful socks! You did great job, Lois.

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