Saturday, February 25, 2006

Bring It ON

Finally I have the whole computer for the whole day, since my brother is down with a cold.

The next few posts will be all on my latest knitting related news. First up is another wrapped cardigan from Rebecca #31. In fact, I told myself to stop knitting anything "wrapped". However when i saw the pattern, I can't help it and I have the right yarn for it.Pattern: #6 Lacy Wrap Jacket in Rebecca #31
Yarn: less than 3 balls of Rowan Yarns Classic Cashsoft 4 ply in Dive #427
Needle: 4mm circulars and 3.75mm circulars for ribbings
Size: 32
Time to finish: 4 days

This is truely a fast knit. The sleeves took me 3 hours total. This is part of the destashing plan. I still have 1 ball left and its for sale. Going at USD9, shipping inclusive. I accept paypal transfer. If you need more of the same color just leave your email in the comments. This yarn is soft and squashy in the ball and feels just as soft when knitted up. 2 balls would knit up a pair of socks.

I have some real comments regarding this project. Remember how does a "slip 1 knitwise, k2tog, psso" looks like? Take a look below, click the picture for a larger view.Don't the stitches look so twisted and ugly?

And here's what I did: Now it looks neater. You might want to do "slip 2 knitwise, k 1, p2sso" the next time u want to decrease 2 stitches at a time.

5 Loops:

Anushka said...

It's a beautiful top. I love the colour. But I don't think I could knit anything from Rebecca....(It's in German...right?)

erin said...

Lovely wrap sweater in such a lovely shade of blue too. Best wishes for long March.

Lois said...

anushka: Rebecca now comes in English editions. do give it a shot.

Erin: Thanks for your wishes.

Rachel said...

That wrap is gorgeous! WOW!

Mitz said...

Ah well beatifull top. I like both sl1 k2 sl2b and the sl2...
It depends on what look you want. I am in my current project using the later version(sl2k1) but I am now planning to do something with the fist version because I think it looks look like small beads.

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