Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Apricot Jacket

As promised, here's a shot of Apricot in a dusty pink yarn. Pardon me for my unruly curls, as the wind is rather strong today and I just came back from outside.
Pattern: Apricot jacket from Rebecca #27
Yarn: less than 4 balls of TLC Cara Mir
Needle: 4mm circulars
Size: Small
Time to finish: 4 days + 1 day for seaming

The pattern translation is not very explicit in a few areas. I had to do a lot of guesswork, frogging 17cm of ribbings and reknitting it twice. I'm quite satisfied with the final product. Its the most fitting garment which I have knitted so far. I'm also fine with no buttons. There's something I want to comment about TLC Cara Mir. It sheds like CRAZZZZZZY!!! I have to avoid wearing dark color clothes if I'm taking Apricot with me. Otherwise this is a very soft piece. Hopefully after a few washes, the shedding will cease.

Next up is this slubby yarn i got for $2/ball. Its already more than 1 feet long, 5 more to go. This is going to be an easy and fast knit. The yarn is surprisingly soft considering its 100% acrylic. Yes, I'm using 10mm plastic needles.

Meanwhile, I have grown bore on the sleevie islands of VK Lacy Cardigan but Somewhat Cowl's is progressing.

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Kessa said...

It looks nice~ Good job there. Been stalking your blog for a pic of your apricot jacket. Yea, Cara Mia sheds quite alot in the beginning.

Ruth said...

your jacket is so pretty!!

yuvee said...

What? 4 days?! I can't believe your mad knitting speed! It looks gorgeous!

Lois said...

Kessa keep stalking. haha!

Ruth, thanks! looking forward to more of your beadings.

Yuvee, i knitted the sleeves and fronts at the sametime.

Doreen said...

Wow, Lois, your apricot jacket looks terrific and I like your new hair style.

erin said...

Your apricot is really a nice apricot colour. You look good in it, perfect length and fit, lovely pensive pose. Can you pass me some of your knitting speed?

Lois said...

doreen, do keep ur hair long then u can perm it. perming is in for 2006.

erin, feel free to take my speed~

Koko said...

What a lovely your jacket is! Great!!
It took to you just four days to complete such a beautiful jacket?
Did you sleep enough at night?

Lois said...

Koko, yep i do sleep like 2 am everyday.

Vivian said...

Wow...your jacket look gorgeous, great job and I love your socks as well, nice colour.

Anonymous said...

gorgeous! the apricot jacket is so pretty!!!!

Anonymous said...

erm.. that was me.. sorry 4got 2 sign off - polarie

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