Sunday, June 18, 2006

To the end, almost

Yes, the end is near for Lady E. I'm on the last ball of Silk Garden. The bunch of yarns were cut in 40" each for the trimmings. As I get nearer to the end, the stronger is the adrenlina. I'm so looking forward to have her finished. Meanwhile she is massive even at 400g.

Here's the prize for Belinda for winning in my contest. Took the pics before I gifted her yesterday. Two hanks of yarns, wonderfully dyed by Kessa, The Singing Yarn. She does custom dyeing too. So check out with her.

Meanwhile I had another stashing yesterday after meeting with the knit group. This cutey balls of yarn, each 25g 73metres, are really hard to resist. I got 2 boxes of them, they should be enough to make a short sleeved top. Next are the yarns from Filatura di Crosa, the cream latte is Millefili Fine 100% mercenrized cotton. The 3 balls of magenta are Zarina, doesn't merino wool sound yummy? Anyway, both additions are spoken for. Guess I need to start destashing or have a yarn diet.

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amanda said...

Lady E looks great! You're sooooo close to being done.

kessa said...

This long wait for an update is well worth the wait! Love the pics (Especially the yarns!!)

opportunityknits said...

Lady E looks very nice. And so are the yarns, that cream latte has the most goegeous sheen, yum.

yuvee said...

Those tiny balls of Japanese yarns in a box reminds me of yummy chocolates ;) just better.

Peggy said...

I can't wait to see the finished Lady E. Love the magenta yarn, would love to see what you will make with it.

Kimberli said...

Lady E is beautiful so far! Can't wait to see it finished!

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