Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Its gonna be a long weekend

Was the contest difficult? I doubt so in Belinda's case. And now I know who's the mysterious stalker. LOL. So Belinda, watch out for my mail to claim your yarns. Thank you to those who have tried! *HUGS*

This coming long weekend will be loads of cleaning in my room. I'm practically swimming in yarns now and with the arrival of packages of yummy yarns, i will be drowned sooner or later. Furthermore, I think Panta is buried deep uder my stash, so is my Silk Garden Beanie.

I have plans to flash my stash and also document those un-document FOs. Not forgetting the long-forgotten sewing machine which was part of my Mom's dowry, I will have it oiled and cleaned. If the weekend is really long, I might get some cloths and practise on it. yoohoo!!

so i sew too? I did sew during my secondary schools in Home Economics classes. My granny handsew most of her blouses, even at an age of 70+ she was still sewing by hand, just that she needed me to help her thread the needles, which i gladly did for her. I think I sort of inherit her genes in that sense. I love to do crafts since young, was in the Art's Club during my first 10 years of education. I can still remember how to paint goldfishes the chinese painting way. I had origami-ed ad crocheted. I was into baking before I took up knitting. I still can't forget the peanut cookies (kok zai in cantonese, not Japanses gou zai) which Granny made for every Chinese Lunar New Year. Unfortunately, it was only 3 years after her passing did I take up baking. Thus she never had the chance to try my baking. I shall talk more about Granny soon.

Back on my stashing excerise, 6 hanks of Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool was waiting for me when I reached home last night. Together came the dpns which will be used for FFL cast on. Hence, I hope this weekend will be super long so that I can at least cast on FFL and have it big enough to be transferred onto a 40cm length needle.

Mona urged me to join the Tri-Knity KAL and I finally freed my 3.5mm needle to cast on for this cardigan. I'm on the third repeat of the lace patterns. The knitted up fabric is so drapey and light. Maybe I had been purling a little too tight, that when I try to k2tog, it feels so tauted that I'm afraid the yarn might break.

I'm expecting more yarns to arrived within this 2 weeks. Many thanks to Maryann for hoarding a pack of Noro Silk Garden for me. <3

2 Loops:

Belinda said...

LOL - I just joined the contest for fun! Yay! Thanks Lois, what can I say, your blog's a good read. :)

mona said...

Your Silky wool arived so fast. Mine from Webs isn't here yet. *sob sob*

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