Saturday, April 15, 2006


Some pictures of the Backyard Leaves blocking. I even had my Flower Basket Shawl reblocked when I first bought these foam mats home. They were actually meant for children's play mats. Since no kids at home, they served well as a blocking mat when pieced together.

I love how the leave motifs are designed. Ingenious is an understatement. Here's a close up.

Seeing 3 packages after a bad day at work really perks me up more than anything else can. The box at the top is OPI nailpolishes, the brown package is from Maryann. The white package is from The only regret I had from loopyarn is that I ould have bought more from them. LOL

I was still trying to take better pictures for the other FOs. but they all turn out really bad on the screen. So I guess I will wait for a sunny day, when natural light pours in. Meanwhile I have finished the back and fronts of 95-12. I shall call this cardigan 1952 since Drops doesn't give proper names. 1952 is giving me a good time with its drapey-ness. Hope the other KALers are enjoying it too.

4 Loops:

kessa said...

The Backyard Leaves scarf is really pretty.. The lace showed up nicely. And thats a really big package of nail polish...

Ruth said...

ooh, great job on the backyard leaves scarf!!! so SO pretty. =)
oh, and OPI is my fav nailpolish, great stuff =)

yuvee said...

Wait a second, that's a whole box of nail polish? Gosh!
Love the scarf, such pretty colour ;) Wish I have such a nice blocking mat

Sally said...

Good idea with the kids' blocks! I've been looking for something that can be stored away 'invisible' when not in use and this is perfect.
Love the scarf.

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