Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I need a Vent

Its so stressed at work. When was the last time i spent 12 hours straight in an office? I entered the office at 8 am last morning and left at 8 pm. I rather spend time knitting away. Imagine 12 hours of blissful knitting. That's the problem of working full time. Luckily, there's only 19 working days in April. Not forgetting that paycheck will be in in less than 3 weeks. yooohoooo. =)

anyway, I sat down and work on Vintage Velvet till its time for bed. A dose of knitting a day, keeps my sanity at ease.

I guess I overspent the day i broke my yarn diet. Needless to say, there was a sale of Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool at so off I jump from the edge after months of waiting. I also bought 2 sets of DPNs, that might be used on Frost Flower & Leaves. And did I mention my 8oz of Jaggerspun Zephyr had arrived? it came in a huge hank. It almost got tangled a few times while winding it into a huge yarn cake. I guess FFL will be a stay-at-home project since a HUGE yarn cake is not portable by any means. Beside these, I also need to add a few balls of cotton to my Bendigo order. All of my Bendigo yarns are already spoken for, so I guess this is quite fair. I'm still looking around for a bagof Noro Silk Garden #226, which will be yarn for Lady Eleanor. any cheap deals to recommend?

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Ruth said...

sorry to hear about your really long workday! just keep thinking about the paycheck coming and what it's worth. =)

oooh, zephyr!!! what color did you get?

mona said...

wow, when you fall off the yarn diet - you really fall off :)

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