Thursday, April 06, 2006

To Knit List (Spring/Summer)

My latest To Knit List. Both Vintage Velvet and Backyard Leaves should be done by this weekend.

WIPs to finish:
Jaywalker sock #2
VL Lacy Cardigan
Japanese cami (I need to see Rita about this)

New Projects in the queue
Frost Flower & Leaves - Aegean Blue Jaggerspun Zephyr (Ruth, now you know?)
Bergere Cable Cardigan - Bendigo Yarn*
Fad Classic - to be decided*
2 tops from Louisa Hardings Vintage Knits - Cotton from Bendigo Yarn*
Ribbed socks - Trekking XXL 100
Cascading Leaves socks - Lorna Laces Shepherd Socks
Embossed Leaves socks - Knitpicks Color Your Own(handdyed by Kessa)
Phildar 436 Blazer - Phildar Aviso* (future yarn spree)
Lady Eleanor - Noro Silk Garden*
Drops Design 95-21 - Jaeger Trinity
Timeless from Rowan 34 - Rowan 4 ply soft Buzz

Seems like I'm not knitting much from the stash.

*oppz i didn't mention i added a few balls of cotton to my Bendigo order. and Silk Garden is on my To Buy List =P

2 Loops:

Stinkerbell said...

Darn if I had known I could have tried to get the Aviso for you on sale and shipped it less expensively.

Ruth said...

oooh, a pretty blue zephyr... can't wait to see you start the frost flowers & leaves (that one is from the "A Gathering Of Lace" book, right?) =)

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