Sunday, April 30, 2006

Lucky me~

Just realised I have a free pack of yarns on their way to me. How lucky can I get?

I had been working hard on my FFL. It's finally on to Chart 2 with a little over 400 stitches on the needles. *sweats* no pics yet, as FFL is progressing and i refuse to pause.

Maryann: HK's accomodation cost might put me back on the shopping budget. :p

Kessa: hope u are feeling better! the earth is still revolving round the sun. =)

Ruth: thanks for the compliment. hows your lacy lattice doing?

Valerie: u can email Bendigo wools at

1 Loops:

Ruth said...

lace lattice - slow!! need to finish up two sweaters first.. haha. i estimate the finishing date of this shawl to be this fall. =P

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