Monday, May 01, 2006

Frost Flowers & Leaves Update #2

This is the third weekend I spent with FFL. From the previous 248 stitches, I now have 552 stitches on the 60cm needle. All in all i have done a total of 20040 stitches and this is just the tip of the iceburg. I even timed myself for every repeat which was about 5 minutes, with 4 repeats, per round will need 20 minutes. I gonna do some maths here

Let's say its gonna take about 25 minutes for 550 stitches.

110 sts = 5 mins
And if i were to do 6 more repeats of CHart 2:
Total no of sts left , 134768 - 20040 = 114728 (!?!?!?)

I need another 5215 mins = 86 hours = approximately 4 days of continous knitting. But i don't have that luxury of knitting 24/7. If each weekend i can only spare 16 hours of knitting, I will need another 6 weekends to finish knitting and probably another weekend to block it.

Here's proof of 15% done.
Chart 1 + 1 repeat of Chart 2 = 82 rows
and why the bad picture? cuz my hands can't keep still after hours of knitting. I need a good massage~

3 Loops:

yuvee said...

WOW! Forget the math, just enjoy the process, it's going to be amazing!

Ruth said...

wow, lots of stitches!!! i agree with yuvee... don't think about the math because it will become more "work" than enjoyable knitting. and i must say, it is turning out beautifully!!! =)

Kessa said...

Its so pretty!!

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