Sunday, May 07, 2006

Itchy Fingers, My

My fingers got itchy and cast on for a new project. Well, at least I'm knitting from the stash. Anyway, I had the yarns just for this project and got it at the cheapest with the help of Maryann. Thank you again!

Needless to say this is what was gathered on the floor (where I'm knitting). Imagine having this x10 after completing the whole project.

If you still have no clue what I'm working on: It's Lady Eleanor from Scarf Style. This is one book which I have knitted most from or wanted to knit from. You can judge by the 12 inch ruler which I had placed, Lady E is going to be bulky for me to carry around soon. So I wil alternate it with FFL. Speaking of which I had not touch on this weekend. Current dimension is 20" by 8.5", and I've only used 1 ball. I like using Silk Garden, it works up fast and soft. Just that I had the tendencies to pick out all the twigs and tweeds, and this slows down my knitting.

I need to get 1952 back on track. Happy knitting!

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