Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Chasing the Postman/Parcels

I think I had shared my story with the knitters in my group. Since I hasn't been updating with pictures, this tale came in a good time.

I was napping in a warm afternoon. The heat was too much and I was already half awakeen by it. Vaguely, I heard noise coming from the door and asked my brother to answer it. Unfortunately he was on his PS2, and refuse to move. Then he reminded me that it might be the postman. Who would be knocking on the door on a Saturday afternoon? My family members have their own set of keys. Before I manage to be fully awaken by these thoughts, I was already out of bed pulling my hair back with the hairband, straightening my clothes. From my kitchen window, I spied the Postman hoping onto his scooter.

And with lightning speed, I dashed to the lift with the delivery notice, pressing the buttons insanely. Hoping that with the press of a button I will appear instantly infront of the Postman. Perhaps you have no idea that I'm staying on the tenth storey. Going by the stairs might not be a good idea as I may tripped and roll down to the ground floor.

By the time I reached ground floor, I spotted his scooter and made a 50 metres dash. Thank goodness he was at the lift lobby of the opposite block. Passed him the notification slip and he handled over my package.

And I hugged the package as I strolled back home.

Talking about packages, it had been like Christmas-came-early during last week. 5 packages reach me and I'm going to collect another 2 after work today. With the increase in packages, I think I got to go on a diet again. duh~~

Meanwhile, I think I need to replace my pair of Papillo Gizeh with something from the Birkenstock range. Maybe a pair of gold/brown Madrid would be nice for everyday wear.

Decisions ....di zzi sions~~

4 Loops:

yuvee said...

LOL, lucky that my postman here still uses trolley!
I was just about to get a papilio gizeh, love Birkenstock!

Ruth said...

haha - your brother's reaction (or NONreaction) sounds like something my brother would do too! the PS2 takes away all other priorities for the day (they don't know the purpose of the "pause" button) =P

Amanda said...

I want Birkenstocks too after seeing yours!

erin said...

I could just picture you doing the record breaking Olympic dash

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