Monday, April 03, 2006

Plan to succeed not fail to plan

With plans in mind, I managed to follow closely. however as usual i side track a little bit. No, i didn't cast on any new projects but I'm itching to do so.

No pics yet as I'm updating in office. I managed to finish Green Gable, and I'm wearing it today. Also finished Jaywalker Sock #1, casting on #2 tonight after the final part of Backyard Leaves is done and weave in.

Met Evelyn to return her the ballwinder and getting the long awaited latest japanese magazine from her. I wasn't as impressed with it as the last spring/summer issue did. anyways, I shall try to work one pattern out from it, so as to justify the purchase of this magazine. So, Bee, if you are reading this, do not have too much expectation of this issue. Perhaps I was anticipating a lot from it, thus the disappointment.

Being photo-less for quite a few posts, reminds me of the Flash Your Stash 2006 event. After surfing through lots of knit blogs, I'm so ashame to say that my stash is not flash worthy. So, in order for a valid flash, I decided to halt my yarn diet. My stashette will grow from now into a monster. What a good excuse to start stashing. Anyway, the plan is undergoing, I'm expecting 5 x 200grams of Bendigo wool. *winks* Funnily, I did not order a single cotton item.

I hope to upload more photos soon, if time permits.

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Cheryl S. said...

I just purchased the Green Gable pattern, but see that it only lists "bust size" and not "finished size" - can you tell me how the finished size of the top compared to the "bust size" you made? I've emailed Zephyr Style, but am panicking that I need to go buy another skein of yarn, and they only had 2 left at the store.

Lois said...

hi cheryl i cant reply u since u didnt leave any forms of contact.

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