Saturday, April 22, 2006

Flashing the monster

all This is the Stash Monster which is currently growing in my room. Here's a picture of what it's made up of. (Click for a bigger pic) I'm too lazy with the unpacking and packing of ziplocks, so you shall see them with their "raincoats" on. So if you want to swap or buy my stash from me, you know how protective I am with my precious. Moreover, its a pet free and smoke free home.

1. Japanese yarn, a very fine gauge of 33sts/10cm. and also the last ball of Trinity for 1952

2. 10 balls of australia wool bought on my last Taipei trip.

3. 10 balls of Noro Silk Gardern #88

4. 2 hanks of Color Your Own and 1 hank of Paint Your Own

5. 4 skeins of Wool of the Andes in Fog and 8 balls of Rowan 4 ply soft in Buzz

6. 4 cakes of i-dont-know-what-blend shiny yarn from Taipei. (maybe destined to become IK's Lacy Kerchief)

7. 4 balls of Japanese KSH wannabe, it has similar fiber content, same if not more yardage. Most importantly, its half the price of KSH.

8. sock yarns here with 1 ball of RYV Cashsoft leftover for Rebecca 31 project.

9. 3 balls of Japanese KSH wannabe. same as bag #7 but its varigated.

10. the newcomer, 6 hanks of Elsebeth Lavold SIlky Wool.

Edited to add: The Monster is not for sale. None at all

I got another huge package (2 times the size of a regular pillow) from Bendigo Mill from Australia. I was worried that it may have gotten lost. The package took an extra week to arrive cuz it violated the aviation regulation (or something likewise). As each ball comes in 200grams, they are really HUGE, about 3 times of a normal 50gram ball. . No worries, not all were for the Monster in my room.

Of course, I'm still destashing. and stashing up too. =P

3 Loops:

Ruth said...

wow!!! all that yarn!!! living in yarn heaven ... all that yummy goodness =)

kessa said...

Stash is looking good! The shiny yarn from Taipei looks really pretty! I'm trying to spot my orders from bendigo in that pic. *heehee*

Valerie said...

How'd you order from Bendigo Mill? Can you get a catalog from them, or do they have a Web site? I'm in Australia every couple of years, but not in Victoria, so that's no help...

Your stash looks like quality over quantity -- good job! :-)

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