Sunday, August 06, 2006

Close, so close

I'm less than 20296 stitches (according to the excel sheet) away from finishing Chart 3 of FFL. No pictures to show, as its still a blue blob like last week's pic. The only difference is its mass and had occupied a larger area on my lap.

The weekend had been hot and dry. I was hoping for some rain to cool things down. The fan was on for as long as I was home. It seems like the dry season is here permanently.

I am so eager to finish FFL and have it block up. Before that, I need loads of junk food. Off to cook myself some instant ramen.

I just read the FFL KAL, and seems like the edging is going to be very boring. Hence, its gonna take more time than I expect. T_T


3 Loops:

Sarah SP said...

Keep going! You'll be done before you know it

PBnJ said...

Try not to get too bored. You'll be happy with the end result and it will be all worth it! :D

ikkinlala said...

Aww, that's too bad. I hope you get it done without too much boredom.

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