Sunday, August 20, 2006

Frost Flowers & Leaves Update #4

On the home stretch here. Two weekends and I'm half done with the edging. So it isn't as tedious. And that means half the stitches had came off the needles. Here's a picture of one corner.
I started with 12 oz which is made up of a 8 oz hank and two 2 oz yarn cakes. I think I'm gonna left with 4 oz worth of Jaggerspun Zephyr in Aegean Blue. Most probably gonna destash it. any takers?

And thanks for the concern about my outburst in the earlier post. It must be the lack of knitting that caused it.

By the way, I finally got a new phone after 2 two years. The picture above was taken by this new gadget. I need to get a 2 gigabytes MiniSD card so that I can have those PDF patterns stored on the phone.

6 Loops:

mona said...

Good work on the frost Flowers girl!
I've yet to get back to mine.

And I'm interested in the Zephyr. will email

Agnes said...

Lovely! I love all the Zephyr's colours.

ruth said...

goodness. that is PRETTY!! makes me want to reach out and touch it, but all i can touch is the computer screen. =P

karyn said...

the photo really shows the pattern nicely. i really admire you for carrying the big "fish net" with you, and it looks great! =)

Peggy said...

It's really pretty!

kessa said...

Wow, good pic quality! And the FFL looks prettier everytime I see it. Too bad its such an (impossibly) long project or I'd be tempted to try (note: TRY) making one too. *hehe*

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