Sunday, July 30, 2006

Frost Flowers & Leaves Update #3

It's been more than 3 months since I started on FFL. In between there were distractions and I can't help but felt the lace pattern was monotonous. Good thing about monotonous is that I don't have to refer to the chart for every single stitch. The pattern is systematic but I still managed to live with a few mistakes. I just hope that once the shawl goes through blocking, everything will smooth their way out. Now the stamina to finish this off and I might even add another repeat is getting stronger.

Here's the pile of FFL, over my mole hill of clutter at, 46% away from completion.
and Dear Sarah,
The needle will defintely come handy for knitting 2 socks at once. Thus the chance of developing Second SOck Syndrome is minimized. I will be keeping the copy of mag you sent me and probably donate the extra one to the library or something.

On another note, I think it's time get a new phone, with all the functions packed in a candy bar. I might have more pictures in the future as this gadget packs a 3.2 megapixel cammie with Carl Zeiss optics. I have seen the pics taken by it and definately justifiable for the price. I can only be happier if I can get it at a fraction of the retail price.

2 Loops:

kessa said...

Wow.. The shawl looks impressive! Can't wait to see it finished. Heehee.. So impatient ot me..

Sarah SP said...

The shawl is beautiful!
I say get the phone! I love my modern gadgets and well as my traditional crafts! Looking forward to seeing the photos you take with it. xx

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