Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Another Update?

I seem to be updating daily. Well this is to help those who are interested in my contest to keep up with the commenting. Of course you can comment my past entries from the July 14th onwards.

Anyways, I was checking out my mail before I head to work this morning. And I came to know that my pal for Yarn Aboard II is Amanda!!! What a pleasant surprise. I found out from the questionaire that we have more than a bit in common. First of all, we are Birk fans or at least we wear Birks a lot. Second, we are not into self patterning and fair isle sock yarns. And we both like chocolates too. Which means whatever I might like would also make Amanda delightful.

Knitting has been on a hiatus till I finish 11 copies of Death Note and I might knit a bit while watching 24 episodes of Goong aka Princess Hours. I need to have a second take of Death Note cuz the meaning of the storyline takes time to digest.

Back to work for now. And remember to place a pin on my frappr if you have not.

5 Loops:

PBnJ said...

OOOh I can't wait to get my first pair of Birks! They look so comfy! :D

yuvee said...

LOL...we might have lots in common too Lois, I love Death Note and Goong ;D

amanda said...

Yay! another Birk fan :o)

kessa said...

I definitely prefer it if you update everyday... Many knitters seems to have hit a blogging slump recently. =\

ikkinlala said...

Isn't it nice when swap pals have similar tastes to yours? I've been in a few swaps (not knitting swaps) in which I've had pals with totally different tastes, which makes it really hard to choose things.

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