Saturday, July 08, 2006

Outdoor shoots

This is one of the weekends which I prefer to laze at home. Before the weather turned cloudy, I went out to get more pictures taken.

Hold your breaths!

First up is the first FO this month.

Pattern: Diamond Fantasy Shawl by Sivia Harding
Yarn: 3 balls of Elann Far East Collection Cashmere Silk, 50g ea, 177 yards.
Needle: 3.75mm Inox circulars
Size: NA
Time to finish: 1 week? or less?

I really love knitting this shawl. The yarn was burning a hole in my stash and i really need to do something with it. This cashmere silk was acquired through a swap quite sometime ago. It got quite warm to knit as the shawl grew bigger. I still had 1 ball of it left.

The pattern was very easy to follow after a few repeats, especially the edging. What an ingenious way of creating an edge! I did a little different in terms of the "s1, k2tog, psso", I think i mentioned about it HERE.

And I think I own you knitters pictures of Lady Eleanor. Here goes:

The Lady is lounging on the garden bench.A close up of the Lady.

Seem like the Lady loves the outdoor a lot.

Added: Thanks for all the kind comments. Sometimes I need a little of these to keep my knitting up and going.

15 Loops:

Ruth said...

wowee!! your FO's are gorgeous!!

hiiragi5 said...

very wonderful.
Two shawls are wonderful with both.

opportunityknits said...

Thanks for the lovely photos of your shawls!

Bobbi said...

They are beautiful!

In Recovery said...

Those are lovely shawls!

Sally said...

Very nice Lois, hope you didn't frighten away the birds?

Wendy DG said...

Your work is beautiful. The shawls are breathtaking. Thank you for sharing!

Siow Chin said...

Beautiful shawls!

yuvee said...

What? no modelled pics?
lucky those shawls are so gorgeous ;)

jenknits said...

The DFS is gorgeous! And the Lady Eleanor as well. Very nice knitting!

Stephy said...

Very nice, indeed!--those two patterns are on my list, also. Also, I love your use of subtle colors--I always go for the showy colors but don't always like the results.

Peggy said...

Wow, lady E is big! It looks nice and warm! The diamond shawl is stunning.

Valerie said...

Man. These are both *gorgeous*. I love the colors in Lady E.

Kat said...

Gorgeous!! Those are both absolutely stunning shawls.

ikkinlala said...

What beautiful shawls!

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