Saturday, July 29, 2006

Hectic and relaxing

It had been a hectic week with the opening ceremony in the office. and I need to prepare 4 quotations for one of my major accounts I'm managing. Finally got them all out yesterday. *sweats*

Anyway, it had also been relaxing once I got home, cuz I got to knit and do stuffs I want to do. And most of all, I got another package from my SP8. I haven't been scouting around for my SP's blog, so far I only knew her first name's Sarah. So I guess her identity is still safe from me. Check out the picture on the right. The bar of dark chocolate is da BOMB!

And a message to Sarah: Somehow I have gotten both the needle and the magazine. So I guess, you can start looking for somcthing else. =P
I think the magazine is a bit hard look for. So I guess I should kind of relieved you from that.

With the new needle, I went back to Frost Flowers and Leaves again. So from a huge hair net, its now big fish net hanging on a 120cm needle. Knitting with such a long circular is really taxing, cuz I need to move the stitches after knitting a few dozens of stitches. I really hope to finish FFL before that day. It would really be nice. I'm like 6 rows away from completing the 5th repeat, which tells you that I'm about half way through the entire project. So if I were to complete 4 rows each day, the probability to complete by then will be higher.

Less talk and knit more.

2 Loops:

Anonymous said...

Hooray, it arrived! Glad you like the things :)
but.... noooooooooooooooo! You'll never guess what I managed to get you in the last few days? the magazine AND the needle!!! The magazine courtesy of ebay and the needle courtesy of a knitting shop near my Mum's house!!! Still, I suppose the good thing about a knitting secret pal, is that the things will never go to waste, and I'll have fun visiting some more wool shops to get you more things! (Unless you could use another needle?)

Have a lovely day!

Sarah xx

PS, I'll send you the link to my blog when the SP is over :)

kessa said...

Looks good ;)

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