Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Knitting: Impractical?

Is practicality in your thoughts when you are putting up your To-Knit List? Do you knit for practical usage or because you really need to knit that oh-so-pretty-i-must-have-it sweater?

I tried to use whatever I have knitted, but then I know that I can always frogged it and have the yarns recycled for something else. Not that I will do it to my FFL. Yes, the Frost Flowers & Leaves Shawl is indeed huge, approximately 5 square feet in size. Who would be using this as a shawl? Even yours truly who's standing at 5ft 5 won't need this. But this is going to be another milestone in my knitting journey. I'm gonna challenge myself with a major project each year. They may or may not be practical in any sense.

Anyways, sometimes the knitted piece's practicality is no longer an issue. It is seen as a piece of art or a heirloom. I might not leave behind a legacy or a huge stack of color bills, but heirlooms which may worth all the time in the world.

On another hand, which I've been frequently asked by non-knitters, are you going to wear this in our climate? I would just smiled back and continued on my knitting. Nonetheless, I'm afraid of the cold. The family calls me the cold-blooded. A simple lace wrap would keep me nice and toasty in the office, while a heavy stole companies me in a freezing cinema theatre.

The next time you see me turning blue, wrap me up in your thickest sweater.

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ruth said...

hey girl - yea, that's ok that knitting doesn't always have to be practical. heck, sometimes i choose a project because i want to learn something new and interesting, and i love a challenge. like my new socks. i'm quite sure i'll NEVER wear them. but i'm very proud of them and would never give them away. =) likewise with your FFL - if I had made that, I'd treasure that as a knitting milestone. be proud of it!! =D

tonni said...

Practicality is not in my thoughts when knitting except for when i'm knitting socks. I knit for the pleasure of knitting, the pleasure of the outcome AND that oh-so-pretty-i-must-have! Socks are very practical for us cold-blooded knitters :) As for the lace, it is the challenge of knitting something that my family might actually call an heirloom one day.

Peggy said...

I know what you mean... I spend every free moment thinking about what new yarns to buy...and every extra $$$. Who said knitting was practical or cheap?

Regina said...

As long as you like it, who cares what other people say? I would use that FFL in an air-conditioned room, or in movie theaters, as you say they are COLD COLD COLD! :D

Kessa said...

Like I heard on some fashion reality tv, "make it work!" =)

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