Tuesday, September 12, 2006

100 things about me

  1. I have been called Lois since 1997.
  2. I was born in 1980.
  3. I was born in Singapore and had been staying in the western part for over 20 years
  4. The time I shifted my home, I was almost 5 and hardly any impression of the shift.
  5. I had travelled a few parts of Asia and Australia.
  6. I used to have 6 roboroskiis, who had leave me 2 years ago.
  7. I hate to eat the king of fruits, Durian, the smell is lovely though.
  8. I remembered going for dancing lessons at 5.
  9. I love my primary school uniform, especially it collar which looks like a big stalk of lotus leave. Don't ask why I still like it
  10. I was in the Student Council during secondary school days.
  11. I graduated from Ngee Ann Poly with a Diploma in Quality Assurance Engineering
  12. However, I did not persue a career in the engineering Field
  13. My favorite vegetable is mushrooms.
  14. I prefer chocolate over vanilla
  15. I speak English, Mandrin and Cantonese.
  16. I cannot stand smoke.
  17. Even haziness will keep me sneezing non-stop.
  18. I like movies with sequals
  19. I do love to take up Japanese or Korean, for the sake of understand anime and dramas
  20. I can't cycle for nuts.
  21. But I can do inline skating.
  22. I took up volley ball practise for extra curricumlum activities.
  23. I grew to hate ball games.
  24. I stand at 163cm.
  25. M&Ms keep me happy.
  26. I can't cook.
  27. But I can bake. or have baked.
  28. I gave up on a degree course half way through.
  29. I stayed in the same room as my grandma for more than 10 years.
  30. I first crocheted at 11.
  31. I camped only once so far in my life.
  32. I like in-flight dinning food.
  33. I am second youngest among cousins.
  34. I do like to swim
  35. and I can't thread in water.
  36. I read a lot of Enid Blyton.
  37. Especially Famous Five series.
  38. I have short and quick temper.
  39. I forget easily too.
  40. I baked my fries instead of deep frying them.
  41. I read no magazines other than knitting related ones.
  42. I can bearly put down my knitting to read books now.
  43. I wish to be not working but knitting 24/7 everyday.
  44. I can't take beef, but I love the swedish meatballs at Ikea.
  45. I took Midsummer Night's Dream for literature class.
  46. I love comedies, romantics one would be a plus.
  47. I wear 37 for Birkenstocks.
  48. When I hear a song I like, I can listen to it over and over without tiring of it. I will usually sing along if no one else is around.
  49. I can't snap my fingers
  50. I have yet to get my driving license.
  51. I collect loads of postcards.
  52. I'm monkey in term of Chinese Zodiac Sign
  53. I have been shortsighted since 8
  54. I had my ears pierced at 4.
  55. I had another 3 piercings 17 laters, but I'm left with 4 piercings, 2 in each ear.
  56. I prefer nachos to popcorns.
  57. I have no favourite perfume, anything fruity, citrusy and flora will do.
  58. My two lower front teeth sproutd before my milk teeth dropped.
  59. I also love cheese.
  60. I use my mobile to tell the time, since I hasn't worn a watch as long as I had my mobile.
  61. Sleepless in Seattle is my favourite movie.
  62. My other liking is eyeshadows.
  63. I only listen to the radio duing office hours and on my way to work.
  64. I love tom yam soup, teppanyaki, Cantonese cuisines like dim sum.
  65. My chinese name is given by my aunt.
  66. I hate singing.
  67. I have never tried waitering.
  68. Sidney Sheldon used to be my favorite author.
  69. I had organise a bbq for class gathering.
  70. My first real toys was a bucket of Lego bricks.
  71. I got my first Barbie doll at 12.
  72. I love to multi-task.
  73. I hate to do the dishes
  74. I dislike cold and gloomy weather.
  75. I can't live with internet, if only I can.
  76. I prefer to take short-cuts
  77. I prefer lime to lemon.
  78. But I like lemon tea.
  79. I like room cluttered.
  80. I do not have a microwave oven.
  81. My SO does not know of my yarn obsession.
  82. I prefer lig gloss
  83. But I seldom apply it.
  84. I tend to be implusive
  85. I like ballards and sentimentals.
  86. Insects with wings frighten me.
  87. I have tried smoking and never like it. Thank goodness.
  88. I groomed my eyebrows.
  89. I am very close with my brother, although we are at each other's throat 30% ofthe time.
  90. I have wanted to do this 100 things many times over.
  91. I'm not a person to make small talks.
  92. Did I mention I like escargots more than mushrooms?
  93. My grandparents were from China.
  94. I used to do origami.
  95. I do not believe in lucky numbers.
  96. I'm loudspoken.
  97. I like vodka lime.
  98. I used to hate beers, but Hoegarden is growing on me.
  99. I like to cry, is a way to relieve.
  100. I so love to KNIT.

This is done during office hours. =p

5 Loops:

ruth said...

haha - that was so much fun to read and get to know more about you!! even though you had to sacrifice office hours. =)

btw, i love those swedish meatballs at Ikea too! an Ikea store just opened near my house not too long ago, so we were very happy about that =)

kessa said...

I'm 163cm too~!! Btw, I think you mised out a very impt word at number 75.. ;)

katarinaw said...

I'm glad you like IKEA's meatballs! I love meatballs, but my own homemade ones are tastes a lot better! ;)

/Katarina from Sweden

PS I love cheese, too!

Pennie said...

where did you get the 100 questionaire? great blog too.

JL said...

tks for letting me know u better !

interesting 100.

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