Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Sweaters post

There hasn't been any post on sweater projects for a long time. I have loads of yarns for at least 5 sweaters. (As if I need a lot of sweaters in this weather.) Well, here's 2 which are in 2 stage of work-in-progress.
All pieces are done, all Salina need is a seaming party. I find it too dark to seam at night, so I shall do it this coming weekend. I find that a fresh mind in the morning hasten the seaming process.
I started the Central Park Hoodie out of bordom and I need some simple cabling. I will most probably make it hoodless.
The pics are really crap, but this is the best I can get.

In swapping news, I have join the SP9 and Chocolate Swap. The latter sounds so yummy. I'm still waiting for my Lace swap package and my Yarn Aboard box is still traveling.

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kessa said...

Salina salina.. I wonder what your version of salina will look like. I still think it looks like a polo shirt.. or something like that. Like the colour for your cabled hoddless-hoodie!

vera said...

ooh love the purple yarn. very nice! and that cabled hoodie is definately a favourite of mine. :0) x

Elli said...

I never thought about doing the CPH hoodless...good idea! I always just ignore patterns with hoods (very long hair and hoods just don't mix) I can't wait to see how it turns out!

Karen said...

The purle yarn is georgous.

Mimi said...

I saw some pretty yarns in your previous posts. I guess we have the same yarn attraction.

I don't have your email, so I am replying to your comments in my post here:
I wish I had a LYS list from Shanghai as well, that would have saved me from asking so many people there (without success) . But the HWX yarn shop is located at Nanjing road, across from the Peace Hotel and a few blocks down .

sue said...

Ooh your CPH looks nice in that color. You should join the knitalong. It is at christybelle.typepad.com/centralparkhoodie. Lots of people are making them, and turning out so nice.

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