Monday, September 18, 2006

So far behind

I have quite a handful of FOs yet to be up on this blog. So what's the purpose of blogging when I don't blog about FOs? DUH! *slaps my forehead* moreover, I still have a backlog of FOs from 2005.

The backlog list so far:
- 1952 cardigan using Jaeger Trinity
- Cropped cardigan from Knit1 summer 06.
- Frost Flowers & Leaves
- Fiery Bolero from IK
- Swallowtail Shawl from IK

I think I should be awarded with a PhD in Procastinology.

Anyways, Salina's seaming party is postponed as Central Park Hoodless is busy on my needles. CPHoodless is on the last stretch before seaming begins and stitches pick up for the fronts and collar ribbings. Its destined to be hoodless as I'm left with 2 balls of yarns out of 10.

Bye for now. Off to work.

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la sof said...

I would be curious to discover how your 1952 cardigan looks like.

i've noticed you have categories on your blog althought you use blogger... i'll try that soon, thank you for the tips

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