Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Weather report

The air here is in a very undesirable condition. I don't mind the raininess or the heat. Just don't give me haze. I am suffering from a dry throat which worsen to a sore throat. The haze is pretty bad, skies look very gloomy as the sunlight trys to penetrate.
Enough with the downside, I shall talk about happy stuffs.

Note to my SP9 pal: do take a look on the side bar on info about me.

On another brighter note, my boss just handed me the long overdue confirmation letter. This means I will be shouldering more responsibility. More stress means I need more knitting. In turn I will be paring down more yarns.

During the weekend, I blocked DFS #2. Its now nicely folded waiting for its owner. Also Salina is currently lying over my shoulders. I will follow up with a pic of Salina.

On the whole, please support Consumer Friendly Yarns

2 Loops:

kessa said...

I thought I've been drinking too much coffee (thus my sore throat)but I guess its the weather. How I loathe it. Aye. Congrats on the 'confirmation'. I guess its like getting your work 'recognised'. =) Btw, hav u gotten your SP for this round?

bluey said...

take care gal :)

congratulations for your confirmation!

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