Sunday, October 29, 2006

One more shawl

This shawl is already in the hands of the recipent. And I hope she likes it as much as I did knitting it.

Pattern: Diamond Fantasy Shawl by Sivia Harding
Yarn: 2 hanks of Knitpicks Gloss in Wedgewood
Needle: 4mm Addi Turbos
Size: NA
Time to finish: 1 week? or less?
Recipent: Aunt

I was running out of yarn when I was binding off 2/3 of the way. So the bind off had to be tinked. Instead of doing the i-cord bind off, I just did the regular one and was left with less then 2 feet of yarn. That was so close.

This is one of this patterns which I will knit for the second time. And also the first pattern which was repeated within 3 months.

5 Loops:

yuvee said...

That looks great!
I feel the same about the pattern too, will definitely knit it again.

jacqueline said...

it's gorgeous! i just love the colour you have made it in.

Carin said...

That's a beautiful shawl, you knit very fast.

Peggy said...

1 week??! Wow! You have turbo fingers!

ZhiWen said...

Beautiful shawl! Especially in this yarn :) I a, considering to make it as well, but have another shawl on my needles atm.

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