Sunday, September 24, 2006


Anyone saw IK Gifts preview? You might find some of the stuffs in other IK's publications.

The Twilight Lace caught my eyes though.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Opinions exchanged

A lot of opinions and views had been exchanged on different forums and blogs. I was just wondering why would there be so much "politics" in the world of knitting. Aint we a jovial and amicable bunch?

There's no way I can stop people from exploiting others or those being exploited unknowingly. I can only shake my head in resignment for those unfortunate souls. There are too many facets to one issue and I'm simply too exhausted to care anymore.

Today, who sells me cheap and quality yarns will get my money. And here's what my mom brought me from the mail box. Two luscious skeins of Tilli Tomas Pure and Simple in Dusty Pink. (I think there's too much flash in the second pic)
And if you are interested to get some? Get from her. While stock last.

For good a cause

I spent the last evening with a group of ladies, including a few from the forum, crocheting & knitting preemie hats. Here's a glimpse of the session.
I'm half done on my crocheted hat. I hope to churned out more during the next two weeks before the next session. If anyone is willing to donate preemie items feel free to drop me a comment with your email. Donations can be in the form of yarns, needles or hooks too.

For the local Singaporean, you can get more information by registering at the Knitters Community forum.

Venue: Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints near Newton MRT station

Date: Every 1st and 3rd Tues of every month

Time: 7pm onwards

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Chocolatey Meme

I got this questions via the Chocolate Swap. Consider yourself tagged if you are reading this.

Do you like to eat chocolate cookies and what kind do you like?
All crunchy, bitter-sweet, chocolate chips, double chocolate, triple chocolate. With or without nuts.

What kind of chocolate do you like?
Dark and bittersweet ones. Mint or orange chocolates too.

What are your favorite brands of chocolate?
No particular brands, but Meiji (Japanese brand) is my current favorite.

Do you enjoy chocolate covered candies, pretzels, fruits, coffee beans, cream filled, caramel, nuts etc?
Nuts and pretzels.
Do you like fudge with nuts or without?

Do you like solid chocolate bars with or without nuts?
I like both, but nutty ones get eaten up faster.

Do you like hot coco mixes.
I love hot chocolates.

Is their any particular chocolate treat that you would love to try?
Nothing too sweet would do.

Do you have any food allergies that your pal should be aware of?
Nothing so far.

What kind of yarn do you prefer?
cotton, wool, mohair etc.
Nothing that looks like a dead bird or striped from a muppet.

Do you have any fiber allergies that your pal must be aware of.
Natural fibers please.

What small knitted items do you prefer to knit?
Socks, scarves, hats, mittens etc.
I have a small collection of sock yarns. I'm looking yarns for Interlocking Balloons and Ene's Scarf from Scarf Style.

Monday, September 18, 2006

So far behind

I have quite a handful of FOs yet to be up on this blog. So what's the purpose of blogging when I don't blog about FOs? DUH! *slaps my forehead* moreover, I still have a backlog of FOs from 2005.

The backlog list so far:
- 1952 cardigan using Jaeger Trinity
- Cropped cardigan from Knit1 summer 06.
- Frost Flowers & Leaves
- Fiery Bolero from IK
- Swallowtail Shawl from IK

I think I should be awarded with a PhD in Procastinology.

Anyways, Salina's seaming party is postponed as Central Park Hoodless is busy on my needles. CPHoodless is on the last stretch before seaming begins and stitches pick up for the fronts and collar ribbings. Its destined to be hoodless as I'm left with 2 balls of yarns out of 10.

Bye for now. Off to work.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Sweaters post

There hasn't been any post on sweater projects for a long time. I have loads of yarns for at least 5 sweaters. (As if I need a lot of sweaters in this weather.) Well, here's 2 which are in 2 stage of work-in-progress.
All pieces are done, all Salina need is a seaming party. I find it too dark to seam at night, so I shall do it this coming weekend. I find that a fresh mind in the morning hasten the seaming process.
I started the Central Park Hoodie out of bordom and I need some simple cabling. I will most probably make it hoodless.
The pics are really crap, but this is the best I can get.

In swapping news, I have join the SP9 and Chocolate Swap. The latter sounds so yummy. I'm still waiting for my Lace swap package and my Yarn Aboard box is still traveling.

100 things about me

  1. I have been called Lois since 1997.
  2. I was born in 1980.
  3. I was born in Singapore and had been staying in the western part for over 20 years
  4. The time I shifted my home, I was almost 5 and hardly any impression of the shift.
  5. I had travelled a few parts of Asia and Australia.
  6. I used to have 6 roboroskiis, who had leave me 2 years ago.
  7. I hate to eat the king of fruits, Durian, the smell is lovely though.
  8. I remembered going for dancing lessons at 5.
  9. I love my primary school uniform, especially it collar which looks like a big stalk of lotus leave. Don't ask why I still like it
  10. I was in the Student Council during secondary school days.
  11. I graduated from Ngee Ann Poly with a Diploma in Quality Assurance Engineering
  12. However, I did not persue a career in the engineering Field
  13. My favorite vegetable is mushrooms.
  14. I prefer chocolate over vanilla
  15. I speak English, Mandrin and Cantonese.
  16. I cannot stand smoke.
  17. Even haziness will keep me sneezing non-stop.
  18. I like movies with sequals
  19. I do love to take up Japanese or Korean, for the sake of understand anime and dramas
  20. I can't cycle for nuts.
  21. But I can do inline skating.
  22. I took up volley ball practise for extra curricumlum activities.
  23. I grew to hate ball games.
  24. I stand at 163cm.
  25. M&Ms keep me happy.
  26. I can't cook.
  27. But I can bake. or have baked.
  28. I gave up on a degree course half way through.
  29. I stayed in the same room as my grandma for more than 10 years.
  30. I first crocheted at 11.
  31. I camped only once so far in my life.
  32. I like in-flight dinning food.
  33. I am second youngest among cousins.
  34. I do like to swim
  35. and I can't thread in water.
  36. I read a lot of Enid Blyton.
  37. Especially Famous Five series.
  38. I have short and quick temper.
  39. I forget easily too.
  40. I baked my fries instead of deep frying them.
  41. I read no magazines other than knitting related ones.
  42. I can bearly put down my knitting to read books now.
  43. I wish to be not working but knitting 24/7 everyday.
  44. I can't take beef, but I love the swedish meatballs at Ikea.
  45. I took Midsummer Night's Dream for literature class.
  46. I love comedies, romantics one would be a plus.
  47. I wear 37 for Birkenstocks.
  48. When I hear a song I like, I can listen to it over and over without tiring of it. I will usually sing along if no one else is around.
  49. I can't snap my fingers
  50. I have yet to get my driving license.
  51. I collect loads of postcards.
  52. I'm monkey in term of Chinese Zodiac Sign
  53. I have been shortsighted since 8
  54. I had my ears pierced at 4.
  55. I had another 3 piercings 17 laters, but I'm left with 4 piercings, 2 in each ear.
  56. I prefer nachos to popcorns.
  57. I have no favourite perfume, anything fruity, citrusy and flora will do.
  58. My two lower front teeth sproutd before my milk teeth dropped.
  59. I also love cheese.
  60. I use my mobile to tell the time, since I hasn't worn a watch as long as I had my mobile.
  61. Sleepless in Seattle is my favourite movie.
  62. My other liking is eyeshadows.
  63. I only listen to the radio duing office hours and on my way to work.
  64. I love tom yam soup, teppanyaki, Cantonese cuisines like dim sum.
  65. My chinese name is given by my aunt.
  66. I hate singing.
  67. I have never tried waitering.
  68. Sidney Sheldon used to be my favorite author.
  69. I had organise a bbq for class gathering.
  70. My first real toys was a bucket of Lego bricks.
  71. I got my first Barbie doll at 12.
  72. I love to multi-task.
  73. I hate to do the dishes
  74. I dislike cold and gloomy weather.
  75. I can't live with internet, if only I can.
  76. I prefer to take short-cuts
  77. I prefer lime to lemon.
  78. But I like lemon tea.
  79. I like room cluttered.
  80. I do not have a microwave oven.
  81. My SO does not know of my yarn obsession.
  82. I prefer lig gloss
  83. But I seldom apply it.
  84. I tend to be implusive
  85. I like ballards and sentimentals.
  86. Insects with wings frighten me.
  87. I have tried smoking and never like it. Thank goodness.
  88. I groomed my eyebrows.
  89. I am very close with my brother, although we are at each other's throat 30% ofthe time.
  90. I have wanted to do this 100 things many times over.
  91. I'm not a person to make small talks.
  92. Did I mention I like escargots more than mushrooms?
  93. My grandparents were from China.
  94. I used to do origami.
  95. I do not believe in lucky numbers.
  96. I'm loudspoken.
  97. I like vodka lime.
  98. I used to hate beers, but Hoegarden is growing on me.
  99. I like to cry, is a way to relieve.
  100. I so love to KNIT.

This is done during office hours. =p

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Stashing again: ACT II

I hasn't been not knitting at all. In fact, I'm on sleevie island for Salina. Here's proof: I think I have a little mess at the lapels. *sigh* hope things turn out fine.

I got my last package for SP8 and also a bag of Rowanspun DK in Rush on the same day. (Pic was taken last week)
Did I mention I have many sleepless nights due to a spree? Air mails from the States never take more than 14 days. This particular package took 7 weeks to reach me. I will never ever order from this retailer for fear of losing sleep and hair over the delay. A loot full of Rowan Calmer, Cascade 220, King Tut Cotton, Noro Lily. However, only 15% of them belongs to me. and since this morning my stash has grown to a staggerly 204 balls of yarns.


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