Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Where the h3LL am I?

I guess with the lack of updates, some of you might have forgotten me, 'cept those whom I have contact over MSN. Anyways, its been pretty busy with the local knitting group. I have tried to increase from once a month to twice a month and it seems like Sunday is a good day for most of us.

New Singapore Knit bloggers:
Eileen aka MLC aka miserylovescompany - iro~iro 色いろ
Adrianne aka ayumi - ennairda knits
Jackie aka JL - Jackie's la la za za

Yes, I have so much to report and so much back log to catch up with that one post isn't gonna be enough. I feel so remorseful for my 88 subscriberson

*waves to the 88 readers*

I will post up pictures very very soon, I PROMISE!

5 Loops:

skerr05 said...

*waves back* Hi! =)

Cynder said...

*Waves* Delurking to say I love Singapore. My parents lived there for a few years and I fell in love with the country, and all of her food, when I visited last year. Can't wait to go back

iro iro said...

<wave wave> thanks for doing the sgp knit-outs! great fun!

louise said...

Hi Lois

If the Singapore knitters are meeting on either sunday 22april or 29april could I join your group for the day? I arrive on the 22nd in the middle of the night. let me know thanks

louise said...

I arrive at 125am on the 22nd and leave on the 05may. At this time I for sure know that I have Sundays off and possibly Saturday afternoon. I however don't start work until 4pm and the office is located in the Singapore Post Building. Email me at thanks hope we can arrange something.


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