Tuesday, April 17, 2007

To remain focus

I have been driving myself too hard on the knitting front. I think I seriously need to slow down, take a step backward. Last year was pretty steadfast on projects like the FFL and Lady Eleanor. This year I intend to hit another milstone, that's to take on fair isle knitting and also another lace project.

After knitting more than 2 years, I managed to change from holding the yarn between my right thumb and index finger to the typical way of English Knitting. It's not easy to begin with. Imagine after going through millions of stitches, it took me quite a while to swtich my knitting style. At first, I started with the continental. However the tension was far too tight, so I tried the english way. The problem which I faced was ribbing. The switch between knit and purl, having to placed my yarn in front and behind the work. It felt pretty awkward, tension was horrible to begin with. I still remembered I tried english knitting on Sorrell (which I intend to frog and use the yarn on another project). Tapestry was soft and smooth on my pinkie, the almost zero friction tend to be problem, since pinkie isn't that strong, the yarn tend to go out of control. So ended up with uneven tension.

I think I only managed to even out tension was while knitting with Madli. Maybe it was the yarn or was it the pattern or needle that made me stay with english knitting style. Now I only have to tackle continental knitting in order to do fair isle.

Needless to say, I gonna do Eunny Jung's Venezia Pullover. This garment is definitely impractical to wear in this local climate. But when was the last time I knitted something Singapore-weather friendly? I can't remember for sure. As I work towards the goal of knitting from my stash only, I think I've really been working hard on that aspect. Of course the main purpose is to clear more space for future stash. Opps, did i say future stash? Yes, yarns for Venezia.

Not forgetting about lace and entre lac, I am going to take on both together at the sametime with the Forest Path Stole. I was first introduced to it when I was pretty fresh into knitting. I was taken aback by the complexity of the stole's contruction. However, with the KAL and lots more of the WIP pictures, I am definitely inspired to take this on. Moreover so, I have been keep my toes on Colourmart.com. I want to treat myself to something that's really soft and a different fiber (from zephyr). So far there isn't any shade which made me look twice. Will keep looking.

So far, Kimono is on its 4 repeat. I'm still 2/3 away from her's :P

3 Loops:

Peggy said...

The Eunny Jang sweater is beautiful. I know I have not patience myself to tackle but I look forward to seeing your progress. The Forest Path Stole is beautiful too. Again, I have no patience :)

iro iro said...

you go girl!! we know u can do it, and the results will be so gorgeous. looking forward to see your version of the eunny jang sweater :)

Stacey said...

that sweater is so beautiful! you can do it! if you can change your style of knitting, you can easily master fair isle!

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