Thursday, September 13, 2007

Acessories Shopping

As part of the crafting community (if you consider knitting as a craft), I would very much like to have some handcrafted accessories for my ROM and perhaps wedding day. First thing that came to mind was beading. I had tried very simple beading like threading through plastic beads with fine nylon thread. And that was just a earring kit bought from Daiso (aka 100Yen shop).

The past few days I have been surfing and gathering bridal infos and came upon this picture. I'd fallen hard on the necklace so next I decide to DIY my accesories.

Meanwhile I've also searching on for ideas. Below are what I've spotted. Click on the picture will bring you to the etsy page for more pics.

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Mei said...

The accessories are very pretty! Just a suggestion: why don't you do something that you can use again for your actual day? :)

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