Sunday, September 09, 2007

WIP Sunday night

Alright, I finally managed to connect my mobile to my computer. Quite a few pictures have been taken but these came out the best. Amd remember to take a look at this post, I updated it with a WIP photo. Blaze was long finished, like in August?

Standby for some WIPs pics, all of them were already "transformed" into FOs.
Tweed Beret which lacks a little block.
Both Lace Dream and Hanami which survived from the blade.
I guess I have plenty of blocking ahead of me. Also I've started on the Mimialist Cardigan and, Clementine Shawlette is waiting to have the other half cast on.

3 Loops:

fleegle said...

They are both gorgeous, but you have more nerve than I do! Cut! Auugh! I admit that I do cut socks with worn-out heels, knit a new one, and graft to the other end, but that yarn is fingering weight. Don't want to try it with anything thinner, that's for sure.

ann said...

It's great that you're going to start on the Minimalist Cardi! So envious... my IK hasn't arrived yet for some mysterious reason. Am itching to get my hands on it!

Susan said...

I love seeing your FOs. You wanna borrow my blocking wires for your shawls? I'm not using them.
-- Susan S

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