Tuesday, September 23, 2008

3 more days

Counting down. A different sort of feeling from counting to the day I leave the throat-cutting environment back at the "little red crane" (My ex-company which we so fondly called it).

Anyway, it's back to a little bit of knitting. Picking up needles and making stitches really does calm my nerves. Met up with the girls last weekend for a Knit Out and finished a pair of Monkeys. Started Spring Forward yesterday, so I could be taking pictures with my project during the wedding. I know this would be very fun as I invited the girls to my wedding banquet. This is very much like a Knit Out.

So what else have I been doing when I want to break away from the preparations? All thanks to tudou.com, I was able to catch up with the past seasons of Project Runway. I'm still 1 season away from finishing the whole series. Season 5 is looking good too. I had always enjoy watching the very first challenge of each season. Its always about using materials that are out of the box.

Off for more runways. Ciao~

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alt.ayu said...

don't worry so much. Things always work out in the end and even if there are hiccups, they eventually become a fond memory in future. :) I'm finishing my holiday socks today so I'm thinking of what to cast on for friday already!!! hehehe

Kessa said...

I'm quite excited about friday.. I think you're just stressed but like what alt.ayu said, I'm sure it will become a fond memory in future. :D

bluey said...

Don't worry so much. I agree with ayumi.. everything will just be fine..

They would become a part of the beautiful memory. Just like how mine turn out to be..

See you on friday :)

Anonymous said...

hello all

i'm keen to join in for the knitting meetups, how do I get in the circle? im still a beginner and learning, hv a sweater that's 1/2 completed, wanna get back into momentum and meeting up with fellow knitters would be fun.


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