Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lack of mojo

Its a little more than 2 weeks before my wedding. And I kinda lost the mojo to knit, with so much happening around me. Hope to get back to the needles very soon.

I do have a couple pictures on my block activities.

And for the first time, my brother actually commented on my knitting. Its a compliment actually after being asked how that the shawl was constructed (inwards or outwards).

Due to the hairy-ness, this took a little longer than usual to dry. Afterwhich, the weather started to get wonky and there wasn't much sun, so blocking came to a hiatus.

Hope to be back with FO pictures. Take care!

7 Loops:

Anonymous said...

Love the reversible shawl!! It's so beautiful!!

I'm working on one & my patience is going. I'm bored with it yet I can't wait for it to be completed! It's crazy...


kessa said...

The second shawl looks really good in that colour!

alt.ayu said...

boy I love both... That's the beauty of shawls - they really look phenomenal during and after blocking!

Mei said...

Ohmy...the second shawl looks amazing! :)

jyk said...

Beautiful knitting, mojo or not. Makes me want to start shawl projects :)

rainin9 said...

The reversible shawl looks totally mind boggling. Super cool!!

Anonymous said...

Serves me right for surfing through knitting blogs this late at night (2:39 am here) - I see gloriously beautiful patterns and I do not have time to go back in time on your blog to see if you have mentioned the pattern source anywhere.
The second of those to pictures is what has caught my eye. It is simply gorgeous!!
What is the pattern? I have never seen anything like it.

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