Monday, September 22, 2008

few more days to go

And it will be over soon. I spent almost a year going through everything just to make things happen on this friday. I have come to terms with myself that no matter how much effort I had put in, there's bound to be hiccups and glitches.

Yes, I'm getting the jitters before my big day. Hormones are raging and I break into arguments easily like dry twigs do under the sun. Thus causing horrible breakouts. It felt more like doomsday is approaching more than anything else.

I'm grateful to those who have lent a hand, pat my back, showed their concerns and for not adding more burden to me.

Off to an early night's rest.

Wish me wake up with a much better complexion.

1 Loops:

louise said...

I am sure you will be beautiful. At least I don't have to pray for no snow in Singapore at this time of year.

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