Thursday, March 09, 2006

I need YOU

yes, YOU. Please help me to decide on the following. I will put up another poll for yarns and colors. I think there's no restriction as to the number of votes you can cast. so if u want to see one these shawls on this blog, cast your vote today. I need ideas on yarns too, you may know some lace yarns which I have not come across.

Which shawl/stole should Lois knit next?

1) Madli (IK)
2) Frost Flowers (Gathering of Lace)
3) Cherry Blossom (IK)
4) Sampler Stole (GOL)
5) Ene's Scarf (Scarfstyle)
6) Kimono (Folk Shawls)
7) Lace Dream (Shawls and Scarves : The Best of Knitter's Magazine)

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I think i need to pray to the Knitting Goddess (if there's one). Please bless me with more knitting time and faster knitting speed. I need to pick up 90 sts for the lower back of my Fiery Bolero, Backyard Leaves needs more memory, Lacy Cardigan needs more TV time and Martha needs a trip to the Frog pond.

4 Loops:

helen said...

stay AWAY from Madli. trust me. they want you to k1, *YO, k1*x3, then p7tog. NO WAY. NUPPS SUCK! haha

Ruth said...

madli looks so lovely - i saw jade's version and it looked so beautiful. i also really love frost flowers and ene's scarf. i don't think i've seen the rest though... i'm envious that you get to have the time to choose what lace project you want!! what yarn choices are you considering?

Jade said...

I voted for Frost Flowers. I love Eunny's fiery flower version.

I am also thinking of what lace shawl to knit next but unlike you, I haven't even have a short list yet!

jacqueline said...

oh wow! don't ask me...i want to knit half of those myself.

they are all so gorgeous.

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