Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Its Official

I formally announced of my yarn diet yesterday on KC. I seriously need one, since I'm not knitting as fast I had been. The lost of 8 solid hours daily really slows down everything. Taking a step back, I have the longest list of WIPs so far in my knitting career. Let's do a row call:

(in descending order)
1. Martha (yet to start her sleeves)
2. VK Lacy Cardigan (half way up sleevie islands)
3. Backyard Leaves (one half done)
4. Vintage Velvet (2 more balls of yarn to go)
5. a Japanese shell cami (6 rows down)
6. Jaywalkers (on the leg for first sock)
7. Green Gables (8 rows down)

I hope to clear 3, 4, and 6 by this month, Green Gables by mid April, Lacy by end April. Martha hopefully done before Fall. Hope I can stick strictly to this schedule, rein in more discipline and self control.

I have been on cold turkey for more than 48 hours, meaning, i have not surf any sites selling yarns or on ebay. this sounds quite tough but I think I gonna make it to the 72 hours mark. buck me up ok?

If there's 10 commandments for a yarn diet, I definitely follow. I want my bank account to grow not my yarn stash!!!

4 Loops:

erin said...

Best wishes on your yarn diet! You can do it. I'll chcek the book tonite, got home too late to check it last nite.

Little Sesame said...

Good luck on your dieting!

Little Sesame said...

Good luck on your dieting!

kessa said...

U'll survive the diet. You still have a stash to fal on. Good luck on it! =)

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