Thursday, March 16, 2006

Poll conclusion

First of all, i liked to thank whoever that took the time to click on the shawl polling. However, it had came to my understanding that a lot of you thought the links were to a photo of each shawl. so instead of clicking the one which you chose, you started by trying to take a look at the pics first. Hence voted for Madli and incidentally became the highest in votes. I found this "luckypoll" is not friendly towards's codings or vice versa. Partly its also my fault for not introducing the various shawls up for polling. So the results will not be honoured. However, at least the choices have been narrowed down to 3; Madli, Frost Flowers & Leaves and Kimono Stole.

As for yarns selection, I have 1260 yards of Jaggerspun Zephyr in Aegean Blue. This would be good for either Madli or Kimono. But Bee has advised not to take up Madli due to the p7tog issues. and Kimono is too common im my opinion. so that left FF&L, which set me back by the amount of yard i need. At least 3600 yards is required, which means i need another 8oz of Zephyr. anyway, i always keep my options open for different types of yarns, thus i seldom knit with the same yarn twice. How about some lace weight cashmere? It might be too warm to knit in this tropical weather. And please no more alpacas, they just left traces everywhere they go. Seems like, I either get another 8oz of Aegean Blue or hope for more new lace weights recommendations.

Knitterly updates:
It seems like the Knitting Goddess (if there's one) did blessed me during last weekend. I need to weave in for the blue Fiery Bolero. It seems pretty small for me, so I gonna bestow it on one of my friends. Backyard Leaves still need to be casted on for the other half, and I may have 1 extra ball left. And I cast on Vintage Velvet with Patons Zhivago, the color will go well with my Audrey. I'm still with Lacy Cardigan, going slow but steady, just 4 more inches before armhole shaping. and Martha may skip the frog pond once Lacy is out of the way.

*phew* What a long list of WIPs.

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