Monday, March 06, 2006

The Little Molehill

which was in my room.

I'm expecting another 3 packs soon. No worries, Only 15 balls belonged to me. I can't imagine the chaos when there's free shipping worldwide. THere would be more yarn sightings in my room since Knitpicks just launch another 3 new yarns.

ohhh...i betta knit fasta~~~

4 Loops:

Ruth said...

wow, talk about yarn shopping spree?? what projects do you have in mind? =)

Kessa said...

I would LOVE to have this kind of molehills in my room. =D

Lois said...

Ruth, yarn spree, way to go! :p
no projects yet. *worried look*

kessa, LOL

Anonymous said...

what are those top two yarns, please? i know they are knitpicks yarns, but what color and type for each? LOVE the colors! i'll bet the bottom bag is alpaca cloud in the color "smoke" right?
(i've been studyin my knitpicks catalog) :-P

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