Tuesday, May 24, 2005

KALs and group activities

if you have noticed, my side bar is getting longer and longer as i've just joined a few KALs. one of the interesting KALs is the Mystery Stole KAL.

Pictures, pictures, they really tell a thousand words. here goes 3000 words...

Taken while Marian was visiting Singapore

Kimberli was in town last saturday, and we had an encore meetup just for her.

3 Loops:

opportunityknits said...

Interesting photo essay of opening yarn box in your last post. What are you going to knit with the lovely blue calmer?

Lois said...

Hi erin, i'm most probably going to order another 2 balls of it and knit Audrey from Rowan35 with calmer.

Laura.Y said...

Looks like loads of fun..:) yea I'm curious too, what are u going to knit with the calmer?

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