Monday, May 16, 2005

May's FO

May is a month to celebrate Mother's Day and coincidentally, my mom's birthday falls in this month. another coincident is that, her colleagues call her May.

on a brighter note for me, i can save on one pressie and get her a bigger one, combined. I have actually finished Pink Diamond yesterday. 99% to be exact, as the shoulder seams are not done. my apologies for being photo-less, as i'm still settling into my new desktop. photos will follow once i install the camera drivers and Photoshop. for touching up.

moving on to finish the Sirdar blue sweater for a friend and swatching for SnBN's Lucky Clover wrap cardigan late last night. i'm using Sirdar Pure Cotton 4 ply on 3.25mm (US 3). i'm quite please with how defined the clover patterns are, however i realised that i'm knitting loosely with this yarn, guess i need to go down 1 size smaller on the needles, given that the pattern called for 3mm and 2mm needles. another S$10 on needles.

on the topic of needles, i have ordered Denise set from and the Boye needlemaster over ebay AT US$39.99 (ex shipping). ever since i started hunting for Boyeon ebay, i developed a love-hate relationship for bidding. i was kind of desperate for the boye set and hit the Buy button on one of the offers, since the seller offers worldwide shipping. with so many needles on the way, i'm anticipating more WIPs in the futures.

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