Monday, February 27, 2006

Rainy evening

Yep, that's the weather right now while I'm blogging. It was way too hot and humid in the afternoon and not very suitable for yarn store hopping. somehow, I only have today and tomorrow to spare before real work kicks in on wednesday.

The story goes as I met Evelyn in the late morning and off to this 'newly' opened store at Thomson Plaza. As a matter of fact its been there for 2 years, just as Evelyn moved out of that neighbourhood. According to Jane, the owner, they were previously at Bukit Timah Plaza(pretty near my place) for 5 years. OMG, I wasn't knitting at that point of time. So Best Collections is not exactly new, about 7 years old I supposed.

A very brightly lit store, with beads and cross stitch items. Jane is an avid collector of knitting magazines, and they are all neatly stored. You can find Sandra 4 years ago, color charts of Rowan/Jaeger yarns. Not forgetting Gedifra and Austermann, a few packs of Katia and assorted Japanese yarns. Did I mention that its the only place in Singapore that stocks Addi Turbos? Needle prices range from SGD15 to SGD20.

A friendly owner with kind services, generous with her collection of magazines and books (she kept me busy with loads of VK magazines). Prepare cash as no NETS or VISA is accepted, the ATM is just one floor below.

Address: 301 Upper Thomson Road, #02-20 Thomson Plaza, Singapore 574408
Tel: 6453 2628
Opening Hours: 12 noon to 9pm

Set off to our next destination, Golden Landmark. I have always managed to came out of this store unscathed, even though it stocks the most yummylicious Filatura de Crosa Zara. Its a quaint little store, which I labelled as Singapore's true blue yarn store. One of our local artiste used to be one of the partners, she sold her share due to plans of immigration.

The store may look old, but if you do go through the boxes, treasures you would find. Plenty of wools in odd balls, abundance of European yarns like Filatura, Austermann, Schoeller Stahl. Another friendly owner, and gives discounts whenever it is. Spring/Summer yarns would be in early March. I can't wait for the new stuffs. How to get there

Last stop was Golden Dragon, the must-go store in Singapore. Stocks Rowan, Jaeger and Sirdar from UK, Richmore and other Japanese brands. Its one of the major craft store in Singapore. Located on the second storey of People's Park Center.
Address: 101 Upper Cross Street, #02-51 People's Park Centre, Singapore 058357
Tel: 6535 8454, 6535 8234
Opening Hours: 9am to 9pm

You might be wondering why I have not report on my purchases today, I came home without an extra knitting related item. The reason being, I overspent on shopping during my holiday, my online purchases have burst my budget. First yarn-porn in a long time.
With so much stashing going on, I need to get destashing going on too, simultaneously. Here's Wavy in its WIP pose. More details when it turns FO. Hope SO doesn't read this blog. =p
Off to wash off the strawberry yogurt mask on my face. smells so lovely that i wanna lick it off my chin.

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yuvee said...

Oh, I wish I knew of that first shop when I went to SG, it sounds fabulous!

Ruth said...

i like your informative commentaries on the LYS! that could be a great idea to attach some sort of informational sheet about LYS to your SnB blog for others to see. and i ALWAYS love to see yarn porn. ;)

erin said...

The BC shop looks big and sounds like a knitter's haven. Thanks for writing such a good introduction to the shop. Hope I can visit some time soon. Your trekking and LL look yummy.

Lois said...

yuvee, u can always drop by SG when u are back for holiday.

ruth, that what i had in mind too. this is just the start.

erin, i'm sure u would have time for it. i'm trying to find sock patterns for these yarns.

Regina said...

I see the burgundy red yarn (looks like merino) you're using on a project, you must be very happy shopping at the Yarn Supermarket! You are very welcome and will definitely let you know if I go to SG!

My email:

kessa said...

Very informative, thanx, Lois! Lovin' the luscious deep red of the wavy scarf..

Sally said...

Maybe we should organise a coach trip from KL to Spore! Imagine, if I arrive early morning I'll have the whole day at the shops you've mentioned! Thanks for the info.

Amanda said...

Hi, found you blog already. I'll let you know when I'm coming to Sg

felly said...

hey girls, ebest has moved to coronation plaza. the addresss is 587 Bukit Timah Road #02-42 Coronation Plaza. You can call 64532628 or 90667977

Mel said...

you're really inspiring! I found ur blog while google-ing for knitters in Singapore. :) I'm trying to self-teach but its really tough! :( Esp when it comes to reading patterns! lovely yarn btw!

eileen ang said...

thanks felly for stating the owner's contact no. I have been searching high and low for her contact! I was with her for a few years until i have struck with anxiety then I stop going to her place. Thank god I manage to find her again!

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